VideographyPromotional videos, training DVDs or live, full-scale multi-cam productions: We have the experience and skill to get it right the first time.

Our experience has taught us that, when it comes to video production, the quality is in the details. That’s true whether your project is as simple as a one-camera 5-minute head shot all the way up to a multi-site, multi-day movie shoot. We’ve done wedding videos, event promotion shorts, stop-motion animation pieces and even overseas documentaries.

We will work with you (and your budget) to make sure the resources being used get your message across in the most effective way. And the work doesn’t stop when the final credits are in place. We will help you make the right decisions about packaging, distribution and presentation, too.

Below are just a few examples of the kind of work we have done over a number of years.

Galmi Hospital documentary:
We trained and sent a team of volunteers with our HDV video equipment to Galmi, Niger, West Africa, to shoot interviews, video and still photos. Then we took what they had and pulled it together for this informational video.

Stop-motion Event Promotion
We had a short time-frame, no budget and a restriction on how long the piece could be, so we pulled this stop-motion project together overnight (literally).

High-Quality Event Promotion
The next year, we were asked to step up the video production value (without increasing the budget), so we turned to stock footage, Apple Motion and quotes from previous attendees.

HD Interview for upcoming Event
The keynote speaker was the big draw for our client’s event, so we did a simple headshot interview and combined it with the graphic theme used in the event promotion literature.