Web Work

Web WorkWe can update your existing site, design and implement a search engine optimization plan, or create a cohesive web and social media strategy.

With experience in corporate web management, full life-cycle website development and one-off problem-solving projects for a variety of clients, we know that the language of the web can be daunting, at best. We’ll work to allay your fears while making sure your story gets told in the appropriate manner with just the right tools.

We recognize the growing importance a comprehensive social networking plan has is your overall communications strategy, and will help you take the next step (even if that is a first step) toward getting the story out to the right audience in the right way.

Here are just a couple of our success stories:

Adam Barr GolfAdam Barr Golf Gear Guide:
A nationally known television personality develops his own blog as a stepping-stone toward a new career in the golf equipment manufacturing industry. With the help of TeagueTeam, he started with a simple design and then made the jump to a professionally developed video-anchored website. TeagueTeam helped develop and implement the server-based streaming video system, his online advertising system, Google Analytics, online contests and newsletter subscriptions.

stpaulweb02St. Paul Lutheran Church and Academy, Skokie, IL:
A small neighborhood church wanted to update its website, hoping to streamline the content management while integrating Google Calendars and Google Maps. TeagueTeam developed a customized WordPress theme, allowing them to easily update the front page image scroller, church news, and upcoming events. In addition, we developed a separate WordPress theme for each teacher at the church’s full-time school. Teachers could easily post homework assignments, photos from school events, and additional study materials for students to access from home via password protected pages.