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Jim Teague

Jim Teague

After more than a decade as an award-winning journalist, Jim Teague headed out on his own down the “information superhighway” (weren’t the 90s exciting?) to see what he could do in the area of multimedia and web development.

After a couple of years as a freelance web developer, he was hired as webmaster for Sphere Communications (now┬áNEC Sphere Communications Inc.), an enterprise Voice over Internet Protocol telephone system developer. There he implemented new designs, developed interactive product information CDs, and developed and managed the corporate website, intranet, sales extranet. In addition, he helped integrate a VoIP dialing system into the intranet, utilizing ASP coding to interact with the VoIP system’s database directory, allowing voice and video calls to be initiated from the web browser.

Teague left Sphere in 2003 when family health concerns made it necessary for him to work from home full time. Since then he has served as a “jack of all trades” multimedia developer and media systems consultant to paying and pro bono clients alike. He has produced, directed and edited numerous short-format videos for a variety of topics. Teague has overseen the design, development and maintenance of a number of websites and blogs, with responsibilities for SEO and site data analytics. In addition, he developed a series of in-depth training DVDs on 3DS Max and AutoCAD software.

He has also served as an installer and general contractor for the installation of video projection systems, HDTV monitors, video switching equipment, projection booth software and hardware, and HDMI over ethernet distribution systems.

An avid photographer, Jim has travelled extensively throughout the United States and around the world, including three trips to Africa.